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Name: Nico Cerceo
From: unknown
I was alone in my home one evening and was watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta with my mother in the living room. Outside of the window, near the couch, squeals began. I was unsure of what this was but it was by far the most terrifying thing I have ever heard in my 17 years of life. Frightened, my mother darted up the stairs with my two dogs. Although I have German Shepards, they could not handle the possibility of encountering a viscous Jackalope and its knife-like antlers.

Curious, I began to put on my boots and grabbed my shotgun just in case it was more severe than a Jackalope. It almost sounds like i was one of the characters in a scary movie that moves towards the sounds of danger rather than run away. I guess you could call me crazy.

Once I was fully dressed and loaded the shells into Sheba (my shotgun) I headed outside to the dangerous abyss (my backyard). I made it to the side yard when the squeal really began to pick up. Although I was fear-stricken, I continued knowing I had a mother and two dogs to protect. I pumped my shotgun, crept forward, and that is when I made eye contact with the creature. Pictures do not do this animal justice. It was larger than expected and had antlers sharper than razor blades. It was killing my neighbors cat when it suddenly stopped and looked at me with evil intentions. I was about to fire upon the fierce animal, but realized that it was not June 1, between 12 a.m. to 6 a.m., nor three nights prior to a full moon so I could not pull the trigger. That is when it lunged at me and tried to take me down. Successfully, the creature brought me to my knees. Hand to paw combat began.

Once I hit it with a hard right hook, an uppercut, and a flying decided to back down. It retreated into the wilderness where I have never seen it since.

Come June 1st, three nights prior to a full moon, between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m.....round 2 will begin.

Name: devin k.
From: unknown
i was cleaning out my grandmas garage and i found a dead jackalope

Name: Amanda B.
From: Austin, Texas
Okay so this one time a friend and I were at a pet shop and saw some jackalopes and thought nothing of it so we decided to pet them. Turns out that wasn't a good idea, those little shxt heads went on some wild spree and started biting everyone. Now I'm not talking about just a bite, I mean they were freaking tearing skin and leaving bodies everywhere in the store. It was even worse because we were in the Mall and they got everywhere. About 5 of them were roaming the malls killing everyone with their mouth and stabbing and jabbing them with their deer horn things. My friend and I tried to make it for the door but in the process the jackalope attacked my friend like a ninja pro and she was down. I was one of the only few who made it out that day and I think it's very important to inform people on these kinds of things.

Name: connor s.
From: unknown
One day when me and my homies were walking through the forest we saw this jackalope. Dis was no regular jackalope homie, this thing was huge man! Dat thing started chargin at us ya know, until my homie pulled out his 9mm and blasted that nig in the face! blood went everywhere ya know what i mean? We wasnt done there. We ran up to that thing and stabbed that baby dead! We cut his head off and it hangin above my homies livin room. Till this day i still get nightmares from this thing.

Name: Alley Gobblestone
From: Indochina
This is a really painful story to tell, but the public has the right to know about the Jackolope's dangerous ways. SO, it was the day after my birthday, and i had received a jackolope hunting licesnce from my great-great-great grandfather's, twice removed, neighbors cousin's dog's brother's ex-girlfreind. I went into my back yard and sat down to stalk the jackolopes that passed through my yard. He was eating the tops of mushrooms that he had spat on. One came up out of the bushes and when i tried to get close enough to hit it with my tranqulizer, it attacked me.

I sat helpless on the grass for 3 days and the jackolope watched me with its vicous eyes. neighbors tried to come and help but they got attcked to. My mom came home from her mental theropy resort where she had been quaritned for 9 years. She found me on the ground, helpless. She made an attempt to kill the monster, but it pounced on her. I watched form the ground as the jackolope ate my mother. This is really hard to say right now, but i feel compeled to let other possible jackolope victems know about the way the beast willgive you no mercy if it ants to attck you. Now, remember, if you are attacked (and you will) these are your best chances:
-Play dead
-Hide and pray it doesn't find you.

(P.S- My personal transleter wrote this, i really have no idea how to speak English.)

Name: Jordan A.
From: China
I am from China. As you know, china is way to over populated, therefore as you also know, hungry maneating jackalope come to overpopulated areas thinking they are doing good by decreasing the surplus population. Its my job to protect the citizens from these mongrols. Last year i totaled 2 kills, one of them beasts took a rocket launcher and a full round of 50 cal shots to the chest before he went down! There is only one rule for jackalope hunting, dont get close or they will rip ur throat out. Just like on Monty Python: Quest for the Holy Grail, the female antler-less jackalope killed nearly 5 men before the Holy Grenade was thrown on the 3rd count.
Always remember. Dont go to China without protection!

Name: 937360xxxx
From: Dayton, Ohio
Ok, i was with my cousin and we saw a wierd creature. All we saw was his shadow. Suddenly a huge jackalope appeared in front of us. That is when my cousin decided to pull out a golf club and try to hit it. Little did he know, jackalopes are vicous and it ripped off his nose. He has been in a mental institution ever since (3 years ago) everyone needs to be aware about vicous jackalopes or the jack rabbit.

Name: Jordan A.
From: the local town
Early in the year in the local town a jakaloupe was found sniffing out cocaine packets in an apartment building. The apartments owners were charged with illegal drugs and the jakaloupe was given a job to the police department but he turned it down. He then took the cocaine and hopped away. A couple hours later he was seen running in circles and 8s, while dancing, and biting trees and believed to be high. The police let him be, becuase u dont mess with a jakaloupe

Name: Henry J.
From: Idontknow, USA
It was me and my golf teammate Sam we were on the 3rd hole a 150 yard par 3. we were both on the green and we were putting for birdie and Sam had a tap in but in his back swing the Jackalope jumped out and made miss the putt. Sam took his putter and jumped in the cart and started chasing it. It wasn't very fast and Sam started spazzing out and swearing at it. It got made and started to attack him but he stopped him and hit him right in the head with his putter and he just dropped. We got a picture after his death.

Name: Ryan T.
From: Austin, TX
I am from Texas. Austin Texas to be exact. This one time me and my friend Alexia were a roaming down the street by our school. We thought we had seen some pretty scary stuff in our day, but this mongrol just jumped out and started a staring and a dancing all around us. We thoughts it had just been all friendly like and dancing for us but soon it started doing some of that voodoo crumping stuff and freaked us out. We ran home where it proceeded to frollick in our yard. We screamed at it and it musta gotten all enraged because it started banging into our car. It got stuck. So now we just drive around with the darned thing sticking out of our passenger door. Its a big inconvenience because people have to get in the other side. I never knew what it was called until i found this very educational and informative sight. darn them gosh jackalopes. Im surely glad i got my hunting license now!

Name: Samantha T
From: Georgia
Okay, I live in Georgia with my family, and I have seen jackalope around my yard while driving my ATV and baking cakes. One night several yeard ago; I had just parked the ATV in the garage which is several yards from my home, and a jackalope was sitting on the shelf in the garage. Its eyes were glowing red and it jumped down on my ATV, breaking the front end of it. I grabbed the shovel next to me and hit it over the head as hard as I could. I killed the damned thing, and now its mounted in my living room. But last year I was in my room and i heard something behind me. I turned around to see this HUGE rabbit with horns wearing a top hat and a purple pin-striped suit yelling something about being late for some appointment. I had been listening to music, and when the song 'cotton eyed joe' came on he started tap dancing. It was amazing and I danced with him. We had fun for the three minutes, but then a metal song came on, and he grew long black greasy hair, the hat had a pentogram on it, and the suit turned into a black and blood splattered jump suit. He proceeded to maul me with his scythe and I was hospitalized. My first few nights in the hospital I was unconsious, but my last night i was there, the Jackalope came in with a boombox and tap shoes and he proceeded to flail his limps in a firey display of floppy passion, and rainbows exploded from his ears and he began singing.

Name: Ruby D.
From: Cali yo what!
hi so this one time i was on ur website and i noticed that yall is writin stuff that aint nuthin 2 do wit jackalopes! id edit the page if i was u.

Name: Ben Dixon
From: Australia
G'day I was walking round the bush the other day, in my stubbies and thongs. havin a gander at the wildlife, thought i saw a wallaby but the bloody thing ahd antlers. thinkin it musta been one these jackalopes you call it. anyway i chased the bastard and the thing got me in the leg, massive hole in me leg. thing made me spill my beer, wanker, meh thats my story.

Name: Rebecca
From: San Clemente, California
Dude... so I was surfing the other day at Califia, we had some great swells coming in and a fun riptide. Yeah... it was pretty haggard that day. Anyway, usually surfers are concerned about sharks and stingrays, but those should be the last things on their minds when we have wild jackalopes roaming around. It's true man... I was just pulling from a great wave when I glanced toward the beach. Everyone had disappeared. I began to swim in when I saw the jackalope waiting at the water's edge, bucking it's massive head and standing on its strong hind legs. It was waiting for me. Man, this was a pretty gnarly situation. So I sat on that board for hours with my legs going numb in the water until finally the jackalope gave up and moved on at dusk. I barely made it out of there alive. Keep your eyes open and hang loose.

Name: Sir Josef Ménagerie
From: Canada
I am Sir Josef Ménagerie, a servant to the royal Canadian King, from the Kingdom of Canada. I don’t know why the US government does not put out warning signs on the roads for Jackalopes as they do for deer. Last time I drove to New Mexico, I nearly ran over a jackalope, and it managed to completely damage my right front tire of my car due to its stature. All I have now is the antler of that thing that got broken and stuck on the side of my blown up tire. It’s always a good idea to carry spare tires when coming across Jackalope territory!

Name: Cat
From: Sweden
hipp hurra för här kommer bumbibjörnarna... studsar fram igenom sagorna... å du får följa meeeee... lallalllaaa.. :)

Name: Jason M
From: Texas
I tride to pet wun uv them thengs darn nere took mi urm luke all I lost was mi hand but I sude de traler park pettin zu and got me a dubble wide traler

Name: Spanky
From: Earth
Comments: OK last week when I was in the woods looking for a more suitable host body..I saw one of them there Jackalope thingys! It had a boombox and was clog dancing to the theme from Speed Racer. Do you know where they get those really cool tiny clogs from?

Name: Susan E.
From: Rockies
I live on the eastern slope of the Rockies, and we have large herds of jackalopes. I know that they are usually loners, but around here, with the vast unsettled spaces, they can let their ears down. Anyway, I don't understand why it is so difficult for some people to believe in these critters. There are "mounts" for sale to anyone! In fact, one lovely afternoon, at Dirty Annie's outside of Shell, it took my husband almost a half an hour to convince a couple from overseas (I won't say exactly where) that there truly were jackalopes abounding abundantly, as their rabbit half is so famously noted for, in the Bad Lands. One has to remember that in the truly wild and desolate areas of our country, many things go unnoticed, unseen and unheard. Cryptozoologists will agree with me, I'm quite certain. Rock on!

Name: Vibeke
From: Norway
Hello my big hero. You are the only one for me. I love you , and no one else. Please come to mama. Are you lonesome tonight (he he he he) Kiss me quick because I love you so. regards from Norway miss you too much. I love you once again very BIG hugs from Norway, and me (Vibeke)

Name: Raul
From: Houston, Texas
I think I've come across a family of jackalopes here in TX... there was a female jackalope that was very quick.. she led the way... then there were two very tall jackalopes behind her... one looked like he was mixed with some sort of gerbil.. he was very fiesty!... the other jackalope was actually rolling on a few small tires on the floor.. looked like he was on a bike!... then there was a bigger jackalope behind them.. he looked like big papi jack...

These jackalopes looked very dangerous... I think someone had tried to milk one earlier.. I had to run out of the way!

Name: Rune S.
From: Copenhagen, Denmark
please tell me what to do!
last night my son was attacked, by what seemed to be a rabbit with horns...
i know this doesnt happen in Denmark,but newertheless thats the fact!! now he's hospitalized and very scared....please help...

Name: Lizzy
From: near here
Last weekend I was out with my family taking our usual hike. and bam. just like that some flying bunny w/ antlers comes out. I took a photo of the creature to it indeed a jackalope? the picture is attached and I wonder...
Ed: Yep that's a jackalope. You're mistaken on the flying thing though, that's just an old myth.

Name: Emily: Tom
From: From: Pennsylvania
My Dad always teases me about that there is no such thing as a Jackalope but I have found enough evidence that there is and I'm gonna try to prove it to him so thanks for all the help! I just hope there is such thing.

Name: Kathryn
From: Y'all don't want ta know.
I'm a little tea pot, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my...other...handle...HEY! I'm a sugarbowl!

Name: Domingo V.
From: bogota, colombia
Oye, esto es muy importante! Yo soy de Colombia. Colombia significa "land of the jackalopes" en su idioma indigena! Ahora misma Colombia esta` debajo ataque de estos animales horribles. Necesitamos tu ayudo. Solo tu puedes prevent forest fires. Gracias y vaya con Dios.

Name: Fred Smith
From: Somewhere in America
The moratorium has been lifted. Original order stands. Pass the word.

Name: 655
From: 456564
Evil guestbook induces pain

Name: Anonymous
From: didn't say
I think I saw a Jackalope! Me and my friend were out hiking, we then saw something in the sage brush! We thought it was a small dear, because of the horns. We then saw it leap up from the bush. At that moment, I thought it was a Jackalope. We are big fans of your website, and we visit it regularly. We were just wondering if you could confirm if it is a real JACKALOPE! Here is the picture, thank you.
Ed: Yep that's a real jackalope alright. Big one too...

Name: Tom
From: Maryland
I know that jackalopes exist, because I once had a jackalope hunting license. How could you have a license to hunt something that doesn't exist? The very idea is absurd. Granted, I never saw a live jackalope, but then I've also bought a lot of trout stamps over the years without ever seeing a live trout.

Name: Ed Sackett
From: Wyoming
about jackalopes. I was born and grew up in Wyoming

-- 'scuse me, I 'uz borned 'n growed up in WAHomin', but I've never yet seen a jackalope in the wild. Yes, I know good and well that they can hold so still you can't see them, but goddurnit, after all those winters and summers out a-building fence on Jick Snyder's old place east of Casper (Jick still owes me a month worth of wages for it too, and I sure and hell wisht he hadn'ta sold up and moved to Sundance to live with his kids, old sumbitch always was tight that way) I should of seen at least ONE of them goddurn things. Seen mounted ones, naturally -- seen two at oncet after about three-four hours drinking into the Lay Back and Howl Bar & Grill in Medicine Bow, but that ain't the same thing and we all know it.

But anyways, I surely do like your outfit you got there. Since I learned to use this here TV hooked up to a typewriter, I've found out some of the durndest things I didn't never know before. Did I tell you about Jick Snyder stiffing me? Say, even a five-spot would feel mighty good about now.

Name: Olga Klondike
From: nineveh
i live in nineveh. it is in the east. far east. i write stories, some are true, and some are not. however, the jackalope is. i was in wyoming, and i found a baby, very small, pint size. i smuggled it here, to my home country of nineveh. i raise it, but it die in our country, for it killed prince, my naeighbor's dog, and Jaquenot Cikan's son. Cikan is my friend, and i had to kill the jackelope for Unlenka , Cikan's son, was dear to me. it twas a massive creature.

Name: Bud Uglly
From: Shicago
Well, I tried to resist this damn guestbook but it got the best of me. Thanks for having a turkey on your page it is most sporty! I remember back in '72 I put a turkey on my page and I'll be damned if it didn't look as swell as a chicken in a fox den. I think sometimes fish are better but an ardvaark is of course the very best thing you can put on any homepage. A bloo one is better than a red on but that's of course just my personal opinion.

Name: Barb B.
From: Boise, Idaho
Having grown up in Wyoming, I saw these creatures when I was young, and especially later when, as a student at the University of Wyoming, we would be set upon by herds of these horrendous creatures trying to take our kegs away from us as we "studied" late into the night at Vedawoo. There were many casualties when the insidious creatures joined forces with large pink elephants in an effort to interrupt our study time.

Name: Hermester Barrington
From: Malibu Lake, California
I am so fond of these allegedly mythical creatures that my friends have given me the nickname "jackalope," which I use as my handle at, and my biography (still in draft form) is tentatively titled _The Autobiography of a Jackalope_. There are creatures as yet unknown to mainstream science that still wander the landscape, and though the evidence for the existence of the jackalope is not strong, I think the world would be a lesser place without them. P.S. Thanks for your hard work on this website!

Name: Herr Fritz
From: North Carolina Mountains
It is good to see that the Jackalope is getting the recognition it so deserves. I only wish that one of local gifts to animalkind could be so lucky. I speak of the Carolina Grizzley Squirrel. These creatures share many traits with the Jackalope such as size and attitude, yet they are pronouncedly of the squirrel family. When city folks visit, they find my claims funny, that is until they have their tents ripped open and go home with the scars. We rarely have more than the occasional violent encounter, usually just scratches and bruises. Still, the horror of such a creature as one's imagination can not concieve. Thank you for your work. I shall be in touch with possibly linking my work with yours. Perhaps these reclusive creatures share a common ancestry.

Name: gembob
From: unknown
no 1 can tell me wot chickens think humans taste like if you can e-male me pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Name: andy
From: in front of the computer
The jackolopes exist!! I caught one while I was hunting for 'possum. The darned thing jumped right out in front of my BB gun, and now it hangs over my kitchen sink.

From: Nevada

Name: mary
From: san diego
have you ever heard the song "jackalope" by shonen knife? damn, that song amuses the hell out of me.

Name: Jackalope Central
From: Northern Maine
I know for a fact that jackalopes do exist....I came home from work one day and found my son and his girlfriend having an orgy with a group of jackalopes. There were about 10 of these things in my house!!!! They raided the refrigerator...tore up the furniture....and molested my child!!!! And his girlfriend!! But he says he loves the jackalopes...and now he and his girlfriend (who is carrying the first human/jackalope) are planning to move to Canada to start their own colony. Don't let this happen to your child...please do something about these terrible creatures.................

Name: aliencontact47
From: unknown
I knew the damn things existed! My wife said I was crazy.

Name: Sephra
From: Colorado
I know no one will believe my story, but I am crippled for life because of a jackalope. I live in the mountains, and there have always been rumors and things questioning the existence of jackalopes. Only the children and the gullible believed it. But one day, I was home, and I decided to go for a walk through the woods. It was early autumn, and it was beautiful out. I was enjoying the breeze, when I heard a rustling in the bushes. It didn't bother me, I was used to wild animals. Where I come from, they're everywhere. But the rustling continued, and I saw a flash of white dart across the path. I couldn't imagine what it was. Too big to be a rabbit. I decided to investigate, and I will regret doing that forever. I parted the bushes, and the first thing I saw were these huge antlers. I saw what I never thought I would see. What I had laughed about, and joked about, but never believed. It was a jackalope, and it was HUGE! It bared it's teeth at me, and started making this snarling noise. Then, before I even had a chance to react, it jumped on me, and sunk it's teeth into my leg. I screamed, but there was no one else on the path for miles. It continued to viciously attack my leg, and finally hopped away, leaving me with a mass of bloody pulp left for a leg. I managed to crawl to the nearest house and call 911. They had to amputate my leg, but even worse, no one believes me. My advice to you: stay away from jackalopes. If you see one, don't approach it. They're extremely dangerous.

Name: Melody
From: Kentucky
It was not long ago that I was on a hike in the woods out back of my house. I had my coonhound mix dog with me and we were having a good time. Then I heard this snarling snuffling noise off to the left of me. My dog and I both turned and she went a few steps toward the brush. Then it jumped out and it was bigger than a cat! It was a jackalope (though I didn't know what the hell it was then). My dog yelped as it jumped at her and she and I ran screaming all the way back home. I called animal control but they laughed at me and refused to come out and take a look around. I haven't been back into the woods since. I'm glad I have the support that I need here in your page!

Name: kempton
From: Windflower Gore, Saskatchewan, Canada
The Jackalope has long been a traditional visitor to the community of Chitek Lake (aka. Pelican Lake) about 20 miles north of Spiritwood, Saskatchewan, Canada. I saw one magnificent specimen of your famous Jackalope there more than 20 years ago. I had no camera at the time, even though this marvellous creature was unfortunately deceased and mounted as a trophy on display in the dining room of a local motel. The intriguing Chitek Lake Mosquito was also on display there. I'm certain visitors who enquire will courteously be directed to the present day location of the Chitek Lake Jackalope Keeper. Thank you for this opportunity to see the beautiful Jackalope on your website. I'll be back with family and friends. Greetings from Canada! Kempton

Name: Dave
From: San Antonio
How many more sightings of Jackalopes have been in Texas vice other states? Aren't Jackalopes indigenous to Texas.

Name: Chris G.
From: Bristol Pa
My sister was killed by a jackalope, and i'm waging war with every (heck darn) jackalope out there. Police report said it was just a deer but i know what i saw, A JACKALOPE!!!!!! Please help me in my quest to find the jackalope that killed my sister, he is of a greyish color with a white belly. His left horn is chipped at the tip. Please help me

Name: Tedder
From: Bakerton
Here the true story of my sighting. I was at my friend's house and it was gettin on 11 at night so i figured i'd go home and watch some good tv. Well while I was walking down the road I saw something come down over the hill beside the road. It ran accross the road and under the guard rail on the other side. I was confused since this thing was about 3 1/2 feet tall and hopped. I thought I',e never seen a rabbit that big before, maybe it's a kangaroo. Then, I remembered that kangaroo's don't live in Pennsylvania they live in australia. i kept on walking thinking there's probably a kangaroo uprising in Bakerton and I figured I'd go back in the morning and try to catch it.

In the morning I got up and headed back to the place where I saw it. I heard some noises in the bushes, so I headed over to get a etter look. The first thing I saw were some antlers. I thought must be a midget deer. then I moved the bushes a little and there it was a jackalope. It started to chase me. With my speed I got away with ease. Well it didn't turn out that easy. Later that night it came and busted through the door of my house. they have a very good sense of smell. I did the only thing I could do. I threw the remote control at it and knocked out. I killed it and now I have it above my tv.

Name: Chester R
From: Wanblee, South Dakota
Hello, my name is Chester I live in Wanblee, South Dakota. One day last fall me and my Loving dog chelsy. We were walking along the river bank when chelsy just frose for a second then ran off into the bushes. I was trying to run after her, but I had never seen a dog run off that fast. After searching for her for about half an hour. I looked threw some brush, and there was a huge amount of blood all over the place. I followed the blood trail untill I found bits and parts of my dog. I stood there frozen with frite looking at what was left of my dog when suddenly I saw a white blur with antlers. I never saw anything like that before in my life. I left the place very fast. Later that day at my home after eating supper I was looking out my kitchin window as I was doing my dishes. I looked down at my plate and when I looked up there was a huge rabbit like animal with antlers just staring at me. Then it vanished into the brush. I started looking on the web for anything matching the discription of what I saw. I found this site and desided to share my story with you thank you for your time I needed to get that off my chest. Chester Rothchild

Name: Ben
From: MN
Time: 2000-08-25 07:33:31 Comments: ok no one will believe my amazing story, but anyways... About 2 years ago we were up north in minnesota, by canoe boundry waters MN/Canada, i had just rented a canoe to go fish for bass, i got out across the there was no one around me for miles i started fishing by a very rocky point on a small island that had tall grass on about my 5th cast my line sailed to far in the air and on to the rocks so i started realing it off the shore hoping it wouldent get stuck... then it did but when i started to paddle to the shore the line started pulling back (i thought i had a raccon or some thing)so i pulled the canoe on to shore and walked about 10 yards in to the island to get my lure, i could see that it had landed in a bunch of small bushes, i slowy walked up to see what it was hooked on, just as i got to the bush it lunged out and head butted me in the chest and i fell to the ground when i looked up i saw it(what i had never believed existed) a jackalope, it was snaraling at me at my feet, at that moment i was so over consumed with fear i froze. It felt i was laying there for at least a hour (but it was only a few seconds), i suddenly came to and screamed holy sh*t !!!!! and kicked him in the head and got to my feet which at that point it got even more scary, as i looked around i swear to god i saw at least 30-40 of them jumping around snapping, and snaraling at me.

I ran faster than i have ever run before, back to my canoe with all of them chasing me, i jumped in and and grabbed my paddles and about 2 big pushes with the paddle i dislodged from the shore and 1 jumped on the bow of the canoe and i got up and with one of the fastest swings i have ever had with the paddle i smacked him and he went sailing through the air back to the shore(killed him for sure) and i took off. When i got back no one believed me ,and i was scared to death and wanted to leave, but my dad said he would take me back with my grandpa to see what really happened, we took the boat (i made my dad bring his 9mm and buck knife) and we walked back up to the spot(i was still shaking like a little pussy) and there was no dead jackalope, my fishing pole was gone, and there was none of them there. The only thing left was hundereds of tiny foot prints going in all directions. Still to this day no one believes me , and i still have nightmares about that day.

Name: Holly
From: Area 51
Hi there. I'm going to spend a long time exploring your site. I just love it! I saw a jackalope once--- near Area 51, oddly enough. I was on Hwy 375 in Nevada, on my way to an interview for my anthropological research. It was mid afternoon on a March day, and it looked as though snow was imminent. I stopped at a hot springs to explore some old cabins, when a movement near a weathered plank caught my eye. I am used to animals, especially small rodents, running when approached by a human, but this one hopped towards me, then reared up on its hind legs. I've heard about jackalopes, but this was the first one I'd ever seen. It was large, and all its winter fur made it seem almost the size of a small bobcat. The antlers had many prongs, and I could see what appeared to be bits of blood and fur on one of them. I raised my camera to get a snapshot when the beast charged me. All that stood between me and a certain, surprising death was a little plastic box with the Olympus label. Using a degree of hand-eye coordination I never had before, and have been unable to repeat, I managed to deflect the savage creature with the camera. It bit right through the lens, buying me time to drop the camera and make a dash for the car. Needless to say, I did not get a picture of the thing.

I have examined pictures from the roll of film I had just finished, and hidden underneath a bush in a couple of the pictures, I can see what I think must be the jackalope, but it is at a distance and hard to tell. All I can say is that from his probable location under the bushes and his final appearance near the plank, it is obvious that he had been stalking me the entire time I poked around the hot springs!

I didn't make the Area 51 connection until I saw your site, but now everything is starting to make sense.

Name: Unknown
From: not sure
I found your jackalope site because my site is linked near it in the Webwierdness site. Excellent laugh. I immediately thought you would appreciate the Bavarian Wolpertinger- a creature very similar to the American jackalope. In the German hunting and fishing museum in Munich there is an excellent display of several near the other beasts of prey. The Wolpertinger is even more bizarre however. It has duck feet, hare body, antlers, squirrel or other bushy tail and I think a platypus or other bill. I did a search for the word just now and found a site not unlike yours in German. ( You can link to it and have a laugh at their animated creature. You will be the first jackalope site to discover the European species!

Name: Andrew J.
From: Savannah,GA
are jackalopes real or not? i need to know b/c i bet a lot of money.

Name: Joe
From: Revilo, Tennessee
Jackalope Good, Fire Bad.

Name: Dan W
From: Peoria, IL
I was camping in Colorado in 1991, and was attacked by a vicious jackelope. I thought I was going to be killed, but this monsters sole intent was seperating me from a box of Ho Ho's. After it secured the box, it fled with it in a eastern direction, and I looked for it at daybreak. The box and wrappers were shredded almost beyond recognition. Thank God that it was not me!!!

Name: Jerry R.
From: Phoenix
I was horseback riding here on the outskirts of town with a woman from Missouri who suddenly shouted "look, a Jackalope!" Unfortunately it was gone by the time I turned my head to see. She swears it had antlers though. (True story) Keep up the good work.

Name: Cleckmoon, Lordess of the Jackalopes
From: ???
Muahaha! Finaly, someone who believes!! Soon, the jackalopes will take over the world! But not just ANY jackalopes! These are the Evil Undead Legions of JACKALOPES! Soon, my army will rise upfrom their midwestern jackalope graves, and terrorize the entire midwest! MUAHAHA!!!

Name: Jeff D.
From: Hardinsburg, IN
I would Like to inform you that a band of six Jackalopes have just abandond the ravaged matropolis of Hardinsburg IN I am only reporting this to warn the other inocent people that may be effected by these evil creatures in the future. In no comercial way am I benifiting from this e-mail. Thank you and good by.

Name: Armando Q.
From: parts unknown
You have not even begun to scratch the surface with this beautiful creature. Where is the Africanized Honey Jackalope? They swarm. Where there is one there will be many. They escaped from an experiment gone wrong in Brazil. They have migrated north West and are now believed to be in the United States. People in New Mexico have reported sightings of Africanized Honey Jackalope hives under their rain gutters. Colonies dedicated to protecting the Queen Jackalope have been swarming the hive. Run. Run! RUN!

I am now in the middle of inventing one of those white Jackalope-proof suits with gloves and the netting in front of the face. The netting is open enough so I can breathe but tight enough that they can't enter the suit through the small holes. This way I can get close to them and study the queen and eggs/larvae/cloning or possibly get a taste of their honey combs. I will bring my own toast. Any help you can give in educating the masses about the bad-tempered, doesn't fight fair, Africanized Honey Jackalope will keep the fatalities down.

Name: Tim S.
From: Perham MN
The most useless page I've ever encountered.

Name: Hack
From: Jackalope Creek, Oregon
I live with four batchelors on a ranch named Jackalope Creek. We are all Paramedics and Firefighters. We worship the Mighty Jackalope! Above our keg-erator is an authentic mounted Western Jackalope. It has lights in the shape of a star around it. The lights are lit every time someone drinks from the keg. Hail the mighty Jackalope!

Name: Gayle
From: The bank belt of the south... we stole BofA from Frisco!
Comments: We were teasing someone from the Northeast about "creatures"... and snipe hunts... and Big Foot, so since I remembered this postcard of a Jackalope ... I knew I'd find a photo somewhere on the Net. I knew I'd find "PROOF".... :) I did. Here. YESSSSSSSSSS! I love this site! It's now duly bookmarked! G.

Name: Bobika Hendrix
From: Earth, Orange the dangerous dog
Comments: Hey what's up one day I was walking right ok *walk walk walk* and I saw my friend Drew!. and then he said I'M A JACKALOPE and i will turn into it at the stroke of midnight. I swear! Then he did. I was lying!!!!!!

Name: Edith
From: Michigan
neat-o! the jackalopes are my friends

Name: Buford B.
From: Youngstown, Ohio
I live in a small town just south of Youngstown, Ohio. I have two daughters age 8 and 4. I grew up on a farm in West Virginia so I kind of miss the farm living. I decided that though we live in town, my girls could still learn a little of what it is like to raise animals, so we bought some rabbits to breed.

Recently, I had to go out of town for a few days. When I came back, a strange thing happened. My female rabbit, which has not been with the male rabbit for several months, had a litter, seven in all, but one has since died. One of the neighborhood kids, who happens to be very good at telling tall tales, told me that he saw a rabbit in my back yard and it had what he called "Horns"! Of course, I dismissed it as pure fantasy on his part since he does tell some good ones. However, I wondered how she would have been bred, since she was not with the male. Today, I went out to check on the little ones, hoping that I could find a buck among them who might have inherited the antlering genetics from the jackalope buck, supposing there was one, but was disappointed to find that all of the little ones are females. At any rate, I plan to keep all the little ones as bait for the Jackalope Buck (JB) to come back to in the future. Please let me know if you have other reports of sitings of urban Jackalopes.

P.S. Do you have any good recipes for Jackalope stew?

Name:Tom Mc Kee
From: Trumbull, Connecticut
The Origin of the Name?
Well it was approx 1962-64 [can't remember]. I was at the now defunct burger chain White Tower in the sitting room/buttery. They were running a contest to name their stuffed frankenstein like animal. Why I came up with the name jackalope I don't remember, other than the fact it looked like a jack rabbit and an antelope [the horns] so jackalope! After registering my name of choice, a month [or 2 or 3] later I recieved notification and a US savings bond for $50 dollars. They said I had won the national contest and the stuffed animal that was hanging in the dining area in the rear of the building [the buttery] was now officially named "The Jackalope". I was a little kid - what did I know?

I took the savings bond and subsequently spent it a year or 2 later having a queen trigger fish stuffed that I caught while drift fishing off the Grand Bahama Island while on a family vacation. What irony to win money on a stuffed mutant and blow the dough on a stuffed fish. Years later I have neither the original savings bond nor the fish! Funny thing is, after all these years I have never owned a stuffed jackalope, although shortly after the contest my father aquired one [stuffed of course] and several of my family and friends have stumbled upon them. And now that I think of it - What ever happened to the one on display? Those cheap so-and-so's didn't even offer it to me!
Name: Denny C.
From: Chicago
After living in rural Montana for nearly 6 months and having never been hunting, some of the local boys decided to take me under their collective wing and teach me this often necessary craft. However, being a novice meant that I was not to roam the plains stalking the majestic Buffalo. No, I would be limited to a smaller, less popular prey for my first hunt: the Jackalope. If you're like me, and very few are, you seize this wonderful and unique opportunity to join-in on the ages-old, rite of passage, that is "the hunt", and, you seek an answer to that nagging question, "What is a Jackalope?" These local boys, (who shall remain nameless or they won’t teach me to hunt snipe), said that I should show up at midnight and that they would bring all of the necessary gear (which was a blessing as I don’t own a miner’s helmet!). They said we should go all the way up to Opheim as the Jackalope are bigger out that way. But, I didn’t need a trophy on my very first outing, so I convinced them to hunt a little closer to home.

And so it was, that we headed out at midnight, headed a few miles north of Glasgow in an old pickup truck loaded with hunting supplies (including an inordinately large quantity of beer). Did you know... that drinking beer eliminates the “Human scent” that can scare-off a Jackalope before you even get near it? Well, it’s true! And being that I was the “point man”, I would have to drink the most. Then, it was time to put on all of that hunting gear; ? The miner’s helmet ? An oversized, orange hunting vest ? A pair of knee-high fishing boots ? And, lest we forget, a complete set of Jackalope lures (which looked suspiciously like antlers nailed to 3 little red wagons with long pull strings). One other point of interest, Jackalopes hate denim. Man, I wish I had known that before we got all the way out there! The boys said that I would have to remove my pants or risk being mauled by an irate Jackalope. What could I do but comply? Now, the plan was that I would march a hundred yards or so into the darkness of the field we were presently in, then turn on the lamp on my miner’s helmet. After which, I would turn and run, pulling the lures, back to where the boys were going to hide the truck. The Jackalopes, being less intelligent than we, would see the lures and follow me. Once, back at the truck the boys would surround them, and I would bag one with my slingshot. Off I ran into the blackness that is Montana at midnight. That’s when it occurred to me; I have no idea where they’re gonna hide the truck. Crimony! Do I feel like an idiot. These guys had been nice enough to show me the ropes, lend me the gear, and bring along on the hunt, and I forget to ask where they plan to hide the truck. Dang it all. Good thing I've only got a couple of miles to walk.

On the way back to town, I felt terrible. Not just from guilt, but the beer and the cold, I really felt terrible. Me, the gear, and those lures ended up going down the center of town at about 3:30 in the morning,. I had failed miserably at the hunt. But, I did learn alot that night. A.) Jackalope hunting is a complex and difficult sport. B.) Dragging Jackalope lures on asphalt makes alotta noise at 3:30 in the morning. C.) At least one local policeman knows absolutely nothing about Jackalope hunting.

Name: John M.
From: Northern Europe
Actually I think my mother got one in a small metal cage. Except for its lack of horns, it looks exactly the same! This could explain why she never lets people touch it. Good iniative with this page, by the way. It feels safe that at least SOMEONE fights for the truth!

Name: Mikster
From: Brisbane Australia
I entered this site as a skeptic, but the evidence i have seen here is incontrovertible. I am now a believer.

Name: Kathy M.
From: Aurora, IL
The jackalope is my division's company mascot! I am having my o-workers tune in to your website so they can see the truth.

Name: Randy H.
From: unknown
One time while me and my best friend were on a golf outing, we were in the middle of the fifth hole. All of a sudden, the wind started to howl, and it began to pour. There was a rumble of thunder, and a huge crack of lightning. It had turned dark because of the clouds, but the lightning lit it up brightly. I stared ahead, trying to see the path to the club house, when there was a brilliant flash of lightning. In that flash, me and my friend thought that we saw something dart across the fairway. We were both scared as hell, so we ran for our lives. As we ran, I looked over my shoulder, and I saw something gaining on us. Then I heard this God awful screech. We both froze, and looked behind us, but there was nothing there. We were about to freak out just then. We started to turn and run forward again. Then, all of a sudden, I crashed to the ground. I felt like something had tripped me really hard. We both looked back and we saw what looked like what else than a JACKELOPE running back into the woods across the path!!! I told the manager of the course when we got back to the club house, but he didn't believe a word we said.

Name: Lorraine O.
From: Tucson, AZ
Remember when Jimmy Carter claimed to have been pursued by a crazed rabbit? Well, guess what it really was?

Name: Sashira
From: Hollywood, CA
During a cast party, I was wandering somewhat vaguely through the host's house. In the den (aptly named, as I was to learn), I clearly saw a white shape bounding towards me. Thanks to your site, I realized it had to be a jackalope! Those cursed beasts cunningly waited until I was drunk before making their move, and sending their fiendish agent after me. There was only one thing to do. Grabbing a statue of Nefertiti's head from the mantel, I fended off the malformed creature as best I could. I think I stunned it; I can't remember it very clearly. In any case, I made my escape. But the host still can't find her cat Snowy . . . the jackalope must have eaten him.

Name: Al A.
From: The Mountains Of Arizona
Being and old timer and hiked the deserts and mountains I have seen many JACKALOPS and talked to one but he/she just took off took off but here is a true story I came across in my research Two lovers interested in spiritualism and reincarnation vowed that if either died, the other one remaining would try to contact the partner in the other world exactly 30 days after their dying. As luck would have it, a few weeks later the young man died in a car wreck. True to her word, his sweetheart tried to contact him in the spirit world exactly 30 days later. At the seance, she called out, "John, dear John; this is Martha. Do you hear me?" A ghostly voice answered her, "Yes Martha, this is John; I can hear you." Martha tearfully asked, "Oh John, what is it like where you are?" "It's beautiful. There are azure skies, a soft breeze, sunshine most of the time." "Well what do you do all day," asked Martha. "Well Martha, we get up before sunrise, eat some good breakfast, and there's nothing but sex until noon. After lunch, we nap until two and then have more sex until about five. After dinner, we go at it again until we fall asleep about 11pm." Martha was somewhat taken aback. "Is that what heaven really is like?" "Heaven? I'm not in heaven Martha." "Well then where are you?" "I'm a JACKALOPE in Arizona."

Name: Emily the Moose
From: Susanville, CA
This is way cool!!! I have always wondered if there really is such a thing as a Jackalope.....and now I know that there is. I am so excited. I have been longing for the truth since I was about 6 years old. That's when on a camping trip, my dad's friend Clarke told me the tale of the Jackalope. He told us he'd seen one that moring eating a bowl of my lucky charms. Now I wasn't too sure about this story. So there have been jokes going around my family about the I can report back to them at last that I HAVE DISCOVERED THE TRUTH!!!! There really are Jackalopes!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful page!!!! You are the best:)

Name: Sherri C.
From: Phoenix AZ
My husband has been trying to convince me of the existance of Jackalopes for years. I feel like such a fool. I Believe! (I'm sorry Honey!)

Name: Vincent M.
From: Texas/Georgia
There is a rare sub-species of Jackalope, the Texas Whitetail Jackalope (Tejanalepus rex), that roams the semi-arid regions of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Southeastern Colorado. In 1996, near Junction Texas, I bagged a Boone & Crockett Texas Whitetail Jackalope. While my aim was true, striking the beast through the heart at 225 yards with a 300 Winchester Magnum, it still managed to charge at me, fangs bared, collapsing a mere 2 feet from my boots. The experience so startled me, I have not hunted Jackalope since and will not even venture into the woods when they are in rut. As a physician, I have treated a handful of Jackalope maulings in Texas... it is not a pretty sight. The injuries usually occur during rut and the Texas Whitetail Jackalope buck is particularly dangerous during that time, mounting anything, and I mean ANYTHING,that moves! Livestock, deer, bears, humans, and occasionally, female jackalopes... it doesn't matter. The injuries are particularly gruesome because packs of rutting buck jackalopes will subdue the unfortunate victim and take turns. Chills are going up my spine... Sadly, there is little public education about the dangers posed to the public by Texas Whitetail Jackalopes. Maybe your Web Site can take the lead in distributing this information and with luck, reduce the number serious injuries.

Name: Daryl K.
From: St. Louis, MO
I knew this was a conspiracy! I had a friend mauled to death when we were real little in Northern Michigan. My parents would never talk about it but I always knew it was the evil little bunnies with their shrill little cry. God help us alll!!!

Name: anonymous
From: Nexas of the Universe
This whole Jackolope thing is a conspiracy. And do you want to know who's in on it? Those people who created America's Funniest People. Remember that show? The host was Joey from Full House and from time to time he would do the funny voice of the infamouse Jackolope that always got killed. At least I think he did. Lone Star Steak House is another clue. They have Jackolope heads all over their resteraunts around America. Jackolopes are evil. Can't you tell from the picture of Monty Python and the Holy Grail? The Evil Bunny was really a jackolope. They are evil! With sharp pointy teeth! THE TOOTH IS OUT THERE!

Name: Rick J.
From: Atlanta,GA
The Jackalope Truth is out there. Resistance is futile.

Name: Rembo the Vigilante Rabbit
From: Unknown
I think I killed one of those darn Jackalopes back in 1992. I was out trying to eliminate one more of the MacGregor clan when I found that something had beaten me to it. I was quite put out. Then I heard a noise and I immediately aimed my UZI and shot. Well when I went to view the damage, I saw something limping away and I swear it was one of those allusive jackalopes. Didn't mean to shoot one of my own kind but I thought it was another one of those bloody MacGregors!

Name: Dan
From: Witheld by request
i am a believer however i am not about to give out too much info because the goverment is out to get me the way it is also i think the goverment is using fed-ex to get through to me if you are being followed by fed-ex talk to me or something ..... believe nothing..

Name: Dave P
From: Texas
Didn't Lewis Carroll warn us in his poem Jackalopy? Twas brillig and the slithey toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe, All mimsy were the borogoves and the mome raths outgrabe! Beware the Jackalope my son! The jaws that bite! The claws that scratch! Beware the antlers on his head and shun his frumious bandersnatch! etc, etc.

Name: Cullen
From: unknown
I now realize my pet parrakeet is actually a lope in disguise. I should of realized this when he ate my two german shepperds.

Name: Mary Ellen
From: Private, Idaho
I have evidence that the Taco Bell "chihuahua" is a surgically-altered Jackalope. Think about that the next time you order a Gordita. The conspiracy deepens...

Name: cunal
From: aLBANY, gA.
Hey Thils is bound to be true we have a guy here at the fleamarket that has seen them. As for me i thought i did once. A cokwboy was roukndilng up catle and thats what i thought he was riding one Well i bellive it

Name: Land I.
From: Kelowna, BC, Canada
Now I know the truth, all those years living next to a nuclear power plant hasn't affected my brain. The world must know of the jackalopes, the dangers of reaching into a rabbit hole, mmm-ha-ha-ha-Ha-Ha-HA-HA-HA-hack!

Name: Dave S.
From: Methuen, MA
I am disgusted! I work in a bookstore, and I searched every single dictionary that we have for the word JACKALOPE and didn't find one single entry! Damn... What the hell's wrong here? BOYCOTT WEBSTER'S!!!!!!

Name: Sober Man
From: Orange County, California
You have not even begun to scratch the fluffy surface with this beautiful 'more fun than a platypus' creature of the desert. Where is the Africanized Honey Jackalope? Or do you not know? They swarm, those tortoise-bullying desert ruff-necks. Where there is one there will be many, always. You can research this through government internet sites but all classified information know, classified. Back in the mid 1950's they escaped from an experiment gone wrong in Brazil. In an effort to get some kind of productivity from a JackRabbit or an Antelope, being that they do not contribute to our economy in any way, scientists began putting different pieces of the animals together. It began with an Antelopes legs but the Jackrabbit already could jump. Then they looked at the Antelopes soft eyes but the Jackrabbit was already so gosh-darn cute. Hmmm, what could they do? So they kicked the Antelope in the teeth because they couldn't afford any ether to knock it out. They stole it's antlers and glued them to a very drunk Jackrabbit. A Jackrabbit that jumps AND has antlers! Great Scott! What did they do?!

Now everytime they jump, they jump with antlers. Noooooo! They escaped one day and were assumed dead in the rain forest because, c'mon, the scientists very well couldn't accept responsibility for this, could they? Of course not. They have migrated North West and are now believed to be in the United States. People in New Mexico have reported sightings of Africanized Honey Jackalope hives under their rain gutters an inside old tool sheds. Colonies dedicated to protecting the Queen Jackalope have been swarming the hive. Run. Run! RUN! But don't pet them! I am now in the middle of inventing one of those white Jackalope-proof suits with over-sized gloves and the netting in front of the face. The netting is open enough so I can breathe but tight enough that they can't enter the suit through the small holes. You could say I'm pretty smart. This way I can get close to them and study the queen and eggs/larvae/cloning or possibly get a taste of their honey combs. Being that I respect nature I will bring my own toast. Any help you can give in educating the masses about the bad-tempered, doesn't fight fair, Africanized Honey Jackalope will keep the fatalities down. Please take me seriously. This is not a drill. black & Decker, now there's a drill.

Name: Matt B.
From: W Virginia
I am telling this story for the first time ever. I always thought that what happend that night was just made in my head, but now that there is other evidence, I must tell my story. Two years ago, I was camping in the woods in Weston, West Virginia. It was late, and me and my friend were drinking a little liquor, when all of a sudden, we heard a scream from in the woods. My friend said that he was going to go see if he could find what screamed, and said if he wasn't back in ten minutes, to go look for him. I looked at my watch, and it was 1:47a.m. At about 2:00 I started to worry, when all of a sudden I saw a white blur run past the fire.

I jumped up and ran after it, probably the biggest mistake of my life. As I was running, I tripped over a log and rolled down a hill. At the bottom, I sat up and there, to my horror, was three of those rabbit things (jackalopes) covered in blood! They looked right at me, hopped towards me, and then, much to my suprise, turned and fled. I ran back to the campsite. I was gone for about ten-fifteen minutes. As I sat down to wait for my friend, I glanced at my watch. It was 3:26a.m. I don't know what happend that night, and I haven't seen my friend since. All I know is that I have some strange mark on my back that kind of looks like a rabbit's footprint. Maybe this new information can help you guys uncover this dreadful coverup. I know I would really like to know more about the dreaded beast, and what happened that fateful night.
Name: Frederic L.
From: France
The French equivalent of the Jackalope is the "Dahut". This shy animal has been extensively hunted, and is now confined to desert mountains area. The dahut is the size of a small goat, with the big ears of the Jackalope, and its legs are uneven. Some have the left legs shorter : "dahut levogyre", some the right left shorter "Dahut dextrogyre". Of course, they cannot breed. It is not know if the off spring of a couple of levogyre is exclusively levogyre, or could include some dextrogyre. It seems that when they are born the babies have 4 legs the same length, and that they develop unevenly later on.

Years ago the dahut was hunted at night. One of the hunter would sneak behind the dahut very silently and whistle gently. As they are very curious animals, they looked behind to see him, and of course this is when they fall down the hill where the other hunter would club them and throw them in a bag. These are old stories. My grand father who was born in 1899 was part of one of these hunts just before world war I.

The decline of the French Dahut came after world war II when small farm disappeared and small edges between fields and pasture were distroyed to create bigger fields. Nowadays, very little dahuts are left in France. You can spot some in mountainous areas. I have heard reports of them coming back in other areas, but this is a very controversial subject, probably as explosive as the coming back of wolves from Italy in the Alps chain.

Name: Wanda T.
From: unknown
Oh my GOD!! Am I ever glad to find someone who will believe me!! I raise and show rabbits, the little ones with floppy ears, and the weirdest thing has been happening since late last summer. I have been having bunny kits born and when they are about 3 weeks old, they are getting these two little lumps between their ears. When I first started noticing this phenomenon, I have to admit that I was VERY curious about these little lumps and let them go, just watching to see what happened with them. You can probably imagine my surprise then horror to discover that these little lumps broke open and tiny little horns appeared!!

Now there just isn't anything in this world that is cuter and more appealing than a 3 week old Holland Lop rabbit and they just absolutely BEG to be picked up and held. But the ones with these mysterious little horns quickly became wary then downright aggresive if I put my hand in the cage with them. So I did the only thing a good citizen could do, I removed them from my herd and into my freezer. Not bad eating actually. BUT (and it's a doozy of a butt!!), I kept one little female back, just for scientific study you know (not to mention that I was curious as all get out!!). She sure was a pretty little thing with a beige body and ears and feet the color of blue powder puffs. Even her antlers were pretty, dark blue and shiney. Notice I said she "WAS" pretty. I can only use the past-tense because one night I heard a horrible ruckus out in my rabbitry and of course, leaving in the country, I immediately thought a coon or something had gotten into my rabbits. I mean rabbits were squealing and screaming and I could hear this horrible grunting noise interspersed with loud thumping then crashing and banging!! I grabbed up my powerful flashlight and my trusty old 20 guage shotgun and ran out back to see what was going on.

I don't think it was even a minute from the time I heard the first racket and I got out there but whatever it was that was causing all the noise was gone. And so was my one remaining Horned Holland Lop!! For safety, I had placed her inside a cage within a cage. But this special cage was ripped open and she was gone! I carefully examined the ground around this cage and all I could find was rabbit paw prints in two different sizes.

A shiver ran up my spine as I shone my flashlight around the woods surrounding my house. Then behind me, I heard a loud snort and a grunt. I whirled around in time to catch a flash of white disappearing into the undergrowth. Believe me, I didn't waste any time getting back inside! Something was out there and I can't believe that it meant me any good at all.

Since that night, I'm still having kits that are developing those early horns. But I'm not making the mistake again of keeping one around to see what happens to it as it grows up. I've got this real bad feeling that I'm gonna find out one of these days real soon just what can happen.

I've tried to tell my friends and neighbors about these mysterious horned rabbits I'm getting but no one wants to believe me. Nor do they want to believe my story about the double rabbit cage that was ripped open by something late one night. Something that left rabbit tracks! Lately, I've been catching glimpses of what I believe are baby horned rabbits scurrying through the under-brush here. Lots and lots of baby horned rabbits!!

They are out there and they are multiplying!! People have to be aware of this danger that is talked about in polite company!! Someone has to blow the cover off this. Wait a minute, something is outside and knocking on the wall. Let me go look. No!! Oh NO!! Help!! I'm surrounded!! I can probably hold out for a few days but someone has got to come get me out of here. Please!! Help me!

Name: Clint
From: Texas
As a Texan who has a trophy 'Jack' in my collection, I am glad to see this topic treated with the gravity it deserves. At one time a flourishing species, it is now, unfortunately, on the endangered species list, and is protected by international treaty. I hope it makes a dramatic comeback, someday, as they are extremely difficult to hunt, but provide hours and hours of amusement to the gullible.

Name: Anonymous
From: Florida, USA
O.k., I thought it was my imagination, but now I realize... It was three years ago in the swamps a little to the south of my house. I saw a gator being attacked... then when I reached for my camera I was too late, all I saw was a white blur running off... nothing human could have done that.

Name: Matthew B.
From: Weston, W. Virginia
Beware the dreaded jack beast. It knows where you and your children and your parents and your second cousins and your long lost childhood friends live!

Name: Plumcrazy2
From: Missouri

Name: Chris M
From: USA
with me jackalopes aren't a hobby. they are an obsession

Name: Jason S.
From: Earth
The jackalopes have invaded -- There's one in my yard!!!

Name: Nathan C.
From: South Texas
The evidence is finally mounting, and its about time some people starting taking this phenomenon seriously. I happen to know that the American Zoological Society knows all about the Jackalope problem, but has been forbidden by the government to tell the public for fear they might start a general panic. You see, the Jackalope's have been living and working among us for years, having the ability to change their appearance at will through the use of hypnotism. I didn't realize this until one day...

I was sitting in my cubicle, working industriously on my latest database project, but I could barely keep my eyes open due to the 'little party' at my uncle's house the previous night keeping me from getting any sleep, so I went walking around in the building where I work looking for a likely place for a 'quick five'. I eventually found a door that gave access to the air conditioning duct system, and it was nice and dark in there so I went in, closed the door, and laid down next to the duct on the floor in the pitch darkness. When I closed my eyes to take a little nap, I immediately heard the door opening again, so I scrambled back in the corner, thinking how embarrising it would be to explain why I, a database programmer, was there in the dark with the air conditioning ducts. Luckily I found a little console to hide behind just before whoever it was flipped on a dim light.

Imagine my surprise when I peeked out and there, not two feet away, was Zelda, the girl who passed out donuts in the morning and occasionally took telephone calls when she wasn't reading about the next 'miracle diet'. (And believe me, it would have taken a miracle to...well, never mind). Anyhow, there is Zelda, and she is closing the door and peeking through the crack. Then she closes the door all the way. By now, I am almost as curious as I am afraid of being discovered.

What happened next I shall never forget. Zelda sort of shimmered, like there were heat waves around her, and there, right before my eyes, was a Jackalope. I froze in horror. I already knew they existed, having lost a hunting buddy to one in an accident seven years ago out on the plains of New Mexico, but I always just assumed they were regular animals, although I bit vicious and dangerous for their size. This experience just floored me. My blood turned to ice-water.

Then it froze too, and started sniffing. I knew I had about run out of luck, but I had one chance left. I took my pen and threw it down to the other, opposite corner of the small room, where it bounced off the metal air duct. The jackalope, swifter than thought, leaped that direction, teeth, claws, and horns already bared and in motion. I shot out the door and around the corner and got into the men's restroom. Heart beating, I stood on a toilet and waited. Sure enough, not long later I see shoes, women's shoes, large women's shoes, come tapping into the bathroom. It had to be Zelda. I held my breath, and to my relief, she eventually left, apparently satisfied and not wanting to lose track of her prey. I then went straight to my boss, quit, and got out of the building as fast as I could. I am sure I left half the rubber from my tires on that parking lot. Since then I have been a wreck, just sitting in the back room of my trailer drinking whiskey and trying to blot this all out of my mind. Lately I have been hearing some sniffing sounds around the outside of the trailer and night. I have my shotgun loaded, but I think my days may be numbered...

Name: Dave K.
From: Romulus
Man, those jackalopes are all over here in Romulus! They breed like wildfire here! Maybe it's something in the water?

Name: Allison K.
From: Fargo, North Dakota
Man, I hate those freakin' jackalopes. I always see them. I swear that they have some conspiracy against me because I always see them when I drive late at night. I think that jackalpes release some chemical endorphin because whenever I see a jackalope, I start to scream at them and swear uncontrollably. At least someone else knows that they're real.

Name: Joe B.
From: Texas
Being a Texan, I have witnessed many Jackalope attacks,including an innocent poodle that was mauled to death.

Name: Robyn
From: WA
Watch out for those jackalopes

Name: Angie
From: CA
ummmm. ok, you need HELP!!!

Name: Dave A.
From: Babylon
The family never believed Uncle Lefty's story of losing his arm in an animal attack, it was just too unbelievable. The creature he described was not of this world. Or was it?

Name: Matthew L.
From: Riverside CA
great page great page. i must kill robert kennedy

Name: Jinger
From: Wisconsin...Brrrrrrr!
See! I knew when I saw them that they were dangerous! Great site...thank you for helping to warn others about these menacing creatures!!

Name: Mike B.
From: Land of arrogant race team owners
Shoulda known!

Name: Jesse C.
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota
I'm giving a speech on the jackalope for my English class, and I appreciate the reliable information this page has given me! Thank Ya much!

Name: Slan
From: Michigan`s Upper Pennnsula
Hmmm...I _did_ _see_ a stuffed Jackalope in a bar once (didn`t have a drink) so I pretty well know they exist. The Black Helicopters... heard rumors, that`s all. Even made the local paper. Dunno myself. ~~well wishes~~

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