A Jackalope Conspiracy
News Exclusive!

unknown government lacky We here at the Jackalope Conspiracy are proud to bring you this exclusive interview with a former federal employee at area 51. Mr Smith (not real name) recently left his job and has gone into hiding (note clever paper bag disguise).

At the risk of being discovered, he has agreed to this interview to help clear up the stories about area 51, and more importantly jackalopes.

JC: Rumors persist that the recent rash of jackalope sightings is the result of some experiment, or accident at Nevada's area 51. Is there any truth to this?

Mr Smith: Yes. Jackalopes were practically extinct in the 1950's, but government radiation experiments on jack rabbits at area 51 caused them to grow antlers and become mean. They tried to shut down the project and wipe out all the jackalopes they'd created, but they couldn't do it. Darn 'lopes just kept multiplying!

JC: Sounds a lot like the movie Night of the Lepus.

Mr Smith: Actually the movie was based on some leaked information from the project, but people found it so hard to believe that they changed the story to make them giant rabbits instead.

JC: Does sound more believable doesn't it?

Mr Smith: Yea - people just find it easier to believe that rabbits get really huge when subjected to radiation. Anyway, the movie really was great! One of Bill Claxton's best, and of course DeForest Kelley will always be rembered for this -- his best role ever!

JC: So exactly just what was your involvement in this iradiated jackalope experiment thing?

Mr Smith: My job was to cover up facts, destroy documents and in general spread mis-information. My title was Regional Manager, Propaganda Division - Department of Small Mammals and Rodents.

JC: Does that pay well?

Mr Smith: Oh yea! Our wages were competitive with all the other departments, and we had full medical and dental too.

JC: So why did you leave and go into hiding?

Mr Smith: I just couldn't stand by and watch anymore and decided to get out while I could. And my agent says there's good money on the lecture circuit and doing TV appearances. Maybe even a book deal!

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